School of Architecture

The field of Architecture is comprised of two departments as follows:

1. Department of Architecture (Bachelor Degree. Course duration 5 years)

Students will achieve their knowledge by working with other professional architects in various projects. From these experiences, they will evolve the understanding of the way of living, social value, cultures heritage and architecture from the past to present day, both at home and abroad. The courses are designed to lead them to be self-directed learners; having skills to work as a team with other people as participatory architects. Moreover, they will become change agents who are willing to design architectures that are coherent with people and their way of living. Their works will inspire others to create a more sustainable society.

2. Department of Architecture for the Community and Environment. (Master Degree. Course duration 2 years)

Students will receive firsthand knowledge through designing and developing projects for community and environment. They will have direct experience with cultural value and lifestyle of people both in urban and rural areas by working and living with them. From this understanding, they will find the essential value among technology, environment, esthetics and apply that to the way of thinking and their space. The skill will lead them to create a harmonious environment and cooperative process within the community, which is the foundation of sustainable development.